I smiled...

(Photo by Garrett Lau)
Me and Lacy's lunchtime Gmail Chat...
Lacy: hi you.
me: hi
Lacy: how are you?
me: i'm laughing so hard! have you seen Inka's video at 9chicks? the end is HILARIOUS! she's such a doll!
Lacy: hee hee...no I haven't yet.
me: go watch it!
Lacy: I will have to go check it when I can watch a video...*work*
me: oh, right
me: hey--i'll tell you about my gift from God...
Lacy: yes! please do
me: i love birds. captain obvious. we all know that... but my favorite bird experiences are when they take off together in a windy ball and go everywhere perfectly and beautifully communicating with each other... it's magic
it makes me gasp EVERY time... SO BEAUTIFUL! and i always thank God when I see that, because I feel really close to Him when I see that... WELL!!!... TODAY....1
Lacy: *listening...
me: I drove past the best place to see them, and LITERALLY, God gave me that like 20 times. I parked the car and got out... and they flew right towards me!!! and almost right into me and then again and again. it was beautiful!
Lacy: 20 times...*smiles* Awww....that's really precious. Sounds like a direct gift exactly...
me: there were definately at least 2000 birds...
so they were all doing their clusters intermingling..
Lacy: wow....seriously.
me: i couldn't believe my eyes, they were everywhere!! i just smiled up at the sky to God
He made me smile!
Lacy: mmmm...he is graceful and good at all times, isn't he? :)
me: it was the most beautiful thing i've EVER seen!!!!
Lacy: that is so wonderful Leigh ann
me: he is so Much!
Lacy: I'm glad you can see his grace in the midst of this
Lacy: it sounds like that was what you needed...to be reminded. ;)
me: yes!
me: :) i'm crying tears of joy just thinking about it again! i'm going back tomorrow! (and even waking up earlier so i can visit longer ;)
Lacy: that's dedication, lady!
me: i need to get back to work though, Lunch is over.
Lacy: sure thing. ;)
me: Ill talk to you later. ;)
me: have a good day!
Lacy: *huggles!!!
me: ps. i sent the word file
Lacy: sweet
me: HUGGLES!!!!!!!!


  1. that was pretty fantastic

  2. That really is one of the most beautiful things in the world. There was a place in Kansas like that...ok, it was the dump...but there were always birds in great clusters moving in the sky. They were mezmerizing.

    I'm so glad God spoke to you today :)

  3. i´m happy to hear that you are smiling again.
    love you la!

  4. I smiled when I saw the title of your post! :)

  5. hey LA...GEESE make me feel the exact same way! they really are God's gift to see them in their own litte world of communication!
    i'm glad you had such a heartwarming start to your day!
    BTW...this photo is fantastic!

  6. That is such an amazing photo and conversation between you and Lacy.


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