Birthday Babes

I made these photobooth albums for my sweet nieces, Olivia and Kennedy for their birthdays last week. They just turned one! There's room for 18 photobooth pictures... one for every year till their 18! Every year on their birthday, we're going to go on date to the photobooth. This year, their expressions were so stunned and blank. Quite cute.
Even though they're twins, I wanted them to have their own... and I made one for myself. And Amanda wanted one too (for a family photo of them with the same concept).
I love this idea! Love.
***Next weekend, I'm taking Lola in the photobooth :) Wondering how to get a dog in a photobooth? I do it once a year. The idea is... my local mall does pet photos with Santa for 3 Sundays in December. (Dogs are allowed in the mall!) SO... I'm going with Lola and she can stiff butts with some of the other pups... and then we high tail it (GET IT) to the photobooth in the mall. Getting her to look at the camera is a whole different story. It's always fun though. Here's the first time she went in the photobooth :)
You should try it!


  1. That is brilliant! I totally want to have traditions like that when I have kids :) And the colours are adorable too!

    hee hee lola in the photo booth! too cute!

  2. so funny with Lola in the photobooth LA!!

  3. Those albums are just precious! Love the photos of Lola, too!

  4. such a great idea! super cute albums!

  5. I saw these on Flickr! Adorable :) Love the concept too!


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