We have matching earrings

We're at Grandma's house tonight :) We made tacos for supper...Grandma loves Mexican Food! She really does! "hi Sam and Lorraine, I'm a blogger now. oh ya." -Mela


  1. Oh Mela!!! you are so famous now. You're picture can be seen all over the world!!! :)
    So sweet, how did you like the tacos you had? Did you put any jalapinoes on?
    This was very sweet of you both Leigh-Ann and Tyson, you made Grandmas day with tacos and being on your blog.
    Have a good day tomorrow :)
    Good night.
    Love Momma

  2. Now, aren't you two just super cute?! Love this :)

  3. that´s so sweet!! :)
    i love your matching earrings.


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