Today's ToDo List

1. Name & photoshoot 50 Little Travellers 2. Do a vlog craft tutorial :) (we got a new video camera that will work :) 3. Make the Tweet Newsletter for the FN Design Team Blog 4. Finish a tote. 5. Package sold items. This will be a fun day!! :) Help: I started an Aol Instant Messenger Account. I'm here (add me if you have one too :). If anyone has iVideo Chat on a Mac, Can you help me test it?...Inka and I can't get it working, and I think it's something with my Mac. Does it only work mac to mac? Warning, I have no idea what I'm doing.


  1. i thought of some names for your 50 little travelers...if you get stuck: maybe these will fit some of them!
    aiden, jack & jill, felicity, sienna, river, robin, eden, lucy, lola, molly, hannah,

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  3. LA, name one Alexa!! That's my daughter's name, and I would love to have one for her! the hair cut!! :)

  4. Leigh-Ann, you've got to check out this font at has a very Freckled Nest look!
    It reminds me of your nest blinkie thing.

  5. im volunteering my name and im also gonna let you give me all the proceeds to me to

  6. TAMARA you rock, that site is great now i can find a font for my tattoo,
    LA check out the first one under calligraphy it is but isnt hard to read i kinda like it

    o and for those who don't know I ROCK


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