"The Great Walmart Marathon"

Me and Ashli were gonna knit and stitch together today...but I had to veto that... Instead, now we're going on "The Great Walmart Marathon" :) I need to find 75 bags. My usual Walmart only had 4 in stock! EEEEK! I contacted Jessica updating her. She said, get as many as you can, and if needed, she can order the balance from another company. I'm relieved she has a backup plan/option! And of course, Me and Ash will hit up the photobooth. Documentation of the funnest kind! ;) Useless me-ness info-ness...I have had my Tegan and Sara playlist playing constant since Thursday night. I love. And today I'm gonna wear my new merch tshirt from the concert. I save new clothes first time wear for special days. After that first wash, they're never as great...so I don't wanna waste it. Am I the only one that does this? Do you? Here's yesterday's FFF's.... :) Lots of great faces! My favorite shot, Elsie and Emma wearing their grandma's glasses. cuteness. See all photos individually, here. Happy Saturday!!! Thank goodness it's the weekend! Have fun! **Enter a contest here**


  1. Hi, 2am, going to bed and I completed 4 since you left while Dad watched TV LA.
    Talk to you tommorrow.
    Love Stitchin Momma

  2. Love the FFF's!

    I see you have 35.....

    Get movin' Girl!!!!

    Just remember if you don't get them all done it is okay... you are doing it for FREE.... But I know you will.


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