almost finished :)

I'm officially done stitching :) YAY! Now I need to head out for supplies to finish the scarves, and pickup the advert Jill designed from Costco... Glad the stitching is done. So glad. lol. Jessica told me today...that OPRAHs' Accessories Editor (from O Magazine) will be at the AGTA party (receiving one of my bags)....HALLAR!!! (I gasped when she told me) So cool. I love Oprah! I called Ashli to tell her, and this picture came thru email minutes later... she's so funny ;)


  1. a glimpse into your future...

    oprah says: "everybody love these frecklednest personalized totes as much as i do? well then check under your seats because you ALL GET ONE!!!"

  2. Lol at Ashli :)

    Wooo hooo on the Oprah thing...that would be soooo cool. Just remember us little guys when you make it big :)
    The opportunity you have before you is well deserved Leigh-Ann...very well deserved :).

  3. I had no idea you and Oprah were so close! LOL

  4. LA, I am so, so proud of you!! :-)

  5. Momma with sore fingers10/09/2007 10:59:00 pm

    Wheew!! Well it feels good to be finished all the stitching Leigh-Ann. It must feel double good, I mean double exciting for you. So happy to be able to do this for you LA.
    Love Momma

  6. first of all can i just say that i am A-MAZED that you got 75 totes done SO FREAKIN FAST?!?! i finished a quilt in two days and danced around my apartment because i loved it so much, but then you had to go and show me up with stitching 75 totes in 3 days! what an amazing opportunity-i hope oprah catches word of your fabulousness :)

    lisa marie

  7. I never doubted for a minute that you wouldn't get them done. You are amazing!

    You will be on Oprah one day! I can see it now. You will be on the segments that she does on people that became self-made millionaires.

    More good things will come. . .

    Love Sharleen

  8. you are tooooo much! I bet your fingers are bleeding by this point! I love your spirit have a smile the whole way through it! I'm praying for big things to come your way, lovely.

  9. Wow LA - you look SO COMFORTABLE with Oprah... she should call just b/c that pic is adorable!
    congrats on no more stitching

  10. Yea, I am so proud of you!

    That is so awesome that you finished them!


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