the grenade

(My desk today...I wish it was as pretty as this stock photo ;)
  • It's my FIRST day back to work today... and I've been clean for 13 days! I open my work fridge, and there staring me in the face--- is a can of cold coke! Smiling at me... calling my name. I freeze! Hello! I want you! I want you so bad! Leigh-Ann, walk away! Don't do it! Water is better. But oh, how I want to chug you back! I miss the burn! I walk away. It's stilling calling out to me...
  • THIS starts next week. Me and Amanda will TOTALLY be all up on it!
  • Where's Momma these days? She didn't even retort the pictures of her triangle hair a few posts back?!
  • I'm still madly considering that coke. I was fine till I knew it was there. It's a grenade, and the pin is pulled. I don't know how to spell grenade.
  • Check out these awesome women (photographers and scrappers) I've been loving lately: Sophia, Silje, Econ, Tara, and Vee!
  • Tyson and I are addicted to Heroes. We're watching Season One on DVD's so good! We love Hiro!


  1. You're doing great! You don't need a coke, drink water. I haven't had even a sip of Pop since April 1st. If I can do it anyone can. I use to drink 6 cans at least a day. Look for Aquafina Sparkling water. It's carbonated water that tastes great. It gives you the carbonation that you miss not having pop. I love it.

  2. great links :-)your friends have great pics

  3. thanks for the shout out LK!! :)

  4. oh, you´re going to have a new season of top model! i´m SO jealous... i don´t know when we´ll have the next one here. but i think it´s going to be like season 5 or 6.. we get the shows sooo behind. ;)


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