My Journal, circa 1993

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  1. I love how you mentioned your mom has caveties!!! lol! Your page about your sister makes me wish that I had one too, so sweet!

  2. lol, i know! the funniest is my description of dad's hair ;)

  3. love the "and we talk for half of the night" It sounds like something Hannah and I would do.

  4. This was is such a cute journal.
    I love the way you have described your family. :)

  5. So sweet! Made me wish I had a sister.

    (also made me feel a billion years old, because in 1993 I was already working at a "real" job and living with Geoff.)

  6. Momma @the cold beach9/14/2007 08:42:00 pm

    Hi Leigh-Ann
    I take offense to the TRIANGULAR HAIR, I couldn't help it when you have naturally curly hair :) :) and that was the style then. I laughed when you said Dad only has hair on the sides, and you talked for "hafe" the night.
    Really cute and brought back lots of wonderful memories. I was looking at how much the tree in the front yard has grown, I just trimmed it last week.
    (I'm using G & G's computer again)

    Love Momma
    Have fun bonding with Amanda tomorrow.


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