Hi Everyone :) There's so many people coming out of the 'lurkwork' (like woodwork...but for lurkers) with the current Freckled Nest Contest! COOL! :)

Just wanted to share a few cool etsy shops I've spotted lately :) Kjoo Moxie Madness Twenty-Seven For the Record Wanna play a game? Go to each of the links above and guess which item is my favorite from each shop :) No cheatin! (peeking at my etsy favorites Put your answers in the comments :)
Have fun fake-shopping :)
PS> New mixtape playing at the bottom. Old ones here :)


  1. i vote you like the moxie madness one best. maybe because i like that one best and we're twin-like so...
    deductive reasoning!

  2. At kjoo: cuff no. 147
    Moxie Madness: the long-sleeved, red, Sew a Go-Go tee (This is my fave! And I love the gray scooter onesie. And the apple ipod holder. Shoot, they're all cute.)
    twenty seventeen: overhead (I about died laughing when I saw these shirts! Thanks for sharing!)
    For the Record: Little Garden
    Scrap: Lava handbag

    This was TOUGH! :-) I'll probably be 100% wrong! Haha.

  3. Here´s my guesses:

    Kjoo: the "one of a kind felt, crochet and plastic beads" the turquise one.

    Moxie Madness: sewing machine bag. :)

    Twenty- Seven: The Librarian t-shirt.

    For the record: Little garden photo album. And you know why? You LOVE it because of the polka dot button! :)

    Hope I got some right.. ;)
    There´s a contest on my blog coming tonight. Go check and enter! I know you will like this one..

  4. for the record is one of my favs, so i'll go w/that. plus, you both make super cool albums!?

  5. I am going to guess... this is super hard!

    Kjoo: Necklace number 139 that is what I like at least!

    Moxie Madness: Sew a Go-Go T-Shirt because it is way cool!

    Twenty-Seven: Chandelier

    For the Record: LOVE SUNBURST album


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