The results are in.

The winner of the Self Portrait Contest is: Inka! :) It was hard to decide, there were a lot of beautiful photos and women, but this photo of Inka made me *gasp*... i love the softness, expression, red hair, angle and natural light :) Congratulations Inka, you win the Photobooth Album above :) *This album is one of the new color themes that will be added to our Etsy Shop in the near future, along with lots more :) Now for the Button Contest: There was 572 buttons in the jar... which makes Miss.Kristen the winner! Kristen guessed 555, 17 low. Congratulations Kristen, please send me your mailing address and I'll mail off your buttons after the weekend :) This weeks FFF:


  1. Cool contests! Thanks so much for adding some of my photos on Flickr! I'll be sure to drop into your store on Etsy! Happy weekend!

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! This is crazy I never win anything.... I just won Deanna's Contest at Category Stories.... AND NOW THIS AWESOME JAR OF BUTTONS!!!!

    YEA I am so excited!

    Thank you so much!

  3. ooh! thank you la!!
    what a nice surprise to wake up in the morning and see that i´ve won something. :)
    that photobooth album looks very delicious.

    LA Ink(a) :)

  4. whatta beauty she is! and i love the lil book you made :)

  5. cograts ladies!! i recognize nic's album in tour ff, so so cool!


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