Last day!

Tania, Ashli, Aunty Kim, Amanda Ross, Inka, Leighann(my name twin), Lisa Marie, Kristi, Steph, Bobbi, Momma, Grandma, Molly, Chik Austin: Today's the last day of Going Healthy in September!! I caved lately(stress) and drank coke...but otherwise, I've done okay. I LOST 10 POUNDS!!! SCHMOLEY!!!! TENNNN!!!! My muffin tops have shrunk...YAY! And I've made some good lifestyle changes :) Q's....Who of the 15 of us did the whole month? How'd it go? What are you going to eat first tomorrow? Is this experience going to adjust your future habits? Share :)


  1. I'm digging your music. I was listening to Prairie Home Companion, but now I'm listening to you! Thanks. And there is nothing like a birthday party to throw you off the healthy wagon - chips, soda, cake, pizza. Oh well, today will be better. Congrats on your success!

  2. Yay! :) Last day!
    I did it the whole month and I feel good. I changed many of my habits and followed all my rules. Well, I think I didn´t exercise so much more, but other than that I made it and I´m pretty proud of myself. And i feel healthier!!!
    I might keep it going on from now on. With the chocolate part and everything! But tomorrow, I´m going to go and buy big french fries. ;)

    Here were my rules:
    1. Eat no burgers, fries or pizzas.
    2. Drink lots of water.
    3. Try to exercise more.
    4. Only eat chocolate and candy in weekends. And only small chocolate bars!
    5. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

  3. well, there have been some sucesses and some failures. success being that i went to the gym a whole lot (three times a week, except for one week that i only went twice). Ive been stressed so drinking lots of diet cola. Otherwise, not bad. the month sort of flew by. i dont see any change back to the non-exercise part any time soon. it's been alright. it felt like all the bad stuff happened when i was trying to get on a good track. had to happen!!!

  4. congrats leigh-ann! you should be so proud of yourself.

  5. I did notice your face looked thinner when we went for coffee. I should have mentioned it, but I always feel odd about saying things like that. I know when I lost weight, sometimes people went overboard on telling me how thin I was compaired to before, it got insulting at times. I bet you would have liked to know that I thought you looked great tho!
    Will you keep some of your healthy habits going?

  6. wow i am impressed LA
    great job ladies!!!

  7. I am a FAILURE!!!!! I didn't do great. I HAVE exercised, layed off the chip and dip, layed off the salt, drank only water at work, less pop at home. But I have had the bad place. Twice, my friends took me out for lunch there. *ARGH* I tried, and for me that's an accomplishment! I don't believe in scales. So I have no idea what I've lost if any. I can say this, I feel better. I'm continuing all of the above for a healther Amanda Dawn. Christmas is a write off though! :P


  8. Damn! Good job, LA! I'm so impressed. And inspired!

  9. fabulous job leigh-ann!!
    diggin the music!!!

  10. congrats!! now come down to MD a shrink me down, lol :)

  11. kay, I have to confess, I didn't do well. I tried to get to bed before 10- that was probably my best one, but didn't happen all the time, and the chocolate only on Saturday- nope, but I did drink more water, and walk more, so I guess I didn't do too bad!

  12. even though the first part of the month was full of all kinds of crazy stress (which led to some stress-eating), i definitely got on track after the first week. i walked back and forth to school a few times a week (40 minutes), drank TONS of water (which constantly made me have to pee), drank WAY LESS diet dr. pepper (my fav), and ate healthier (like ordering a spicy black bean burger instead of the way worse original beef option), i've lost 5 pounds this month, and plan to continue the changes i made and still try to exercise more. i'm so proud of you LA!!! 10 pounds! i'm so jealous...

  13. i went and bought a cheeseburger meal today and to be honest... it made me feel sick. i did ate everything, but the after part.. oh man, i will not go and buy burgers anymore! that one month without them made my body healthier and i will continue my healthy months. :)
    thanks for inviting me into this!!!

  14. I'm so proud of you LA! You rock as usual! I had a hard time sticking with everything. I kind of suck when my husband isn't home and he was gone for three weeks (almost all of September). Totally by fluke I still managed to loose 6 lbs and my husband asked me if I'd lost weight when he got home! No more excuses though I'm going to try and get my head back in the game and keep up will all these healthy life changes. I just might weight 'til I get back from Ontario next week. lol. Have a wonderful week LA!
    Love, B


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