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"She's Crazy" Disclaimer: I'm heavily dosed with Nyquil I had a dream that Ashli and I went to Taco Bell, and along with our food, we ordered 3 babies. Human babies. They handed them to us thru the drivethru window... She got a girl, I got a boy and a girl. When I kissed them, they didn't like me as their Momma. Taco Bell did not provide any paperwork either. I went back and tried to return them. Why? "Why? Did Steve tell you that perchance?" (Flight of the Conchords)


  1. No interpretation here. Just wanted to say that yeah, Nyquil will do that to you! :)

  2. mmmm nyquil, gimme some o dat


  3. i'm gonna leave this one alone

  4. nyquil kicks all cold medicines ass! they really do need to add to their side effects "may cause wild dreams" to their bottles!!
    i had a similar dream once that i was pregnant and shopping in the wal-mart baby dept. and they had those hand held scanners in a line up and all these pregnant people were waiting in line to have their bellies 'scanned' to see what they were having!!! hilarious!!!
    hope you're feeling better today!

  5. Nyquil is the BEST. Only I don't ever dream when I'm on it. In fact. I don't move at all. The covers are always in the exact same place, and I wake up with drool and sheet marks on my cheeks.

    Interpretation - Your subconcious is craving tacos and babies, but you know that now's not the best time for either because you need a bigger house and it's healthy eating month.

    Ta dahhhhhhh!

  6. I was certain you were either sleeping or crying, both of which would have made me feel bad for very different reasons. guess what? i needs me some LA Too!


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