Fulcrum Adjustent

I'm editing life a little bit right now... and needed to make some decisions about my schedule. For me, the internet is addictive, and i am addicted. I've made quite the little world for myself on here, and was noticing myself socially satisfied with all these great friendships. Those will still go on, because they are real... but my blog reading has been substantially cut back over the last month, and I quit using bloglines because my list kept growing, and I couldn't keep up. I've also decided to finish my 365 at day 100. It takes a good half hour every day... and I need that half hour. I work full time as a Secretary, and practically full time with Freckled Nest. I want to start making more time for life to happen. And so this is just what's happening for me. I close my email & laptop now (and check it way less)... and am enjoying a new peace. I will still blog like I always do, and it might not even be noticeable in blogland, but in life, I'm already feeling a better balance happening. It is good. Amanda, Olivia, Kennedy and me went to the mall today. We shopped for a dress for Amanda (for a wedding next weekend) and I got to stroll the girls around all day (absorbing all the adoring smiles from onlookers of the prettiest little girls ever). While Amanda was in a store, me and my nieces watched some young girls performing their gymnastic routines in the centercourt. It was very nice. I failed gymnastics. lol, not kidding. But after the performances, the kids were invited to try the ribbon twirlies, hula-hoops, balls, etc. Since the OK-Twins are only 10 months old, Aunty Lanny (ME!!) tried for them ;) Amanda came out of the clothing store and was quite amused by my attempts to entertain them. Kennedy was giggling at me; it takes a lot more to impress Olivia... but tangling myself in the ribbon on a stick sure got Amanda going ;) I looked down, and 'Level One Gymnastics' was all coming back to me... minus the spandex pants with a hot pink leopard stripe up the legs ;)


  1. balance. it's a good thing.
    it is so easy to get pulled into all the www has to offer--so many many things!
    i hear ya L.A..good decision!
    but yes..you BETTER keep bloggin

  2. i hear you loud and clear and i am proud of your decision.

  3. pulling away from blogland must be contagious right now. trying to figure out how i'm going to reduce also. good job!


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