lola and penny

Seriously, I almost lost my girls last night! They ran away from home while me and Tys were in the house. My hero neighbor Peter ran after them! (my Dad came over and left our gate open...) Penny (Lola's shadow) stopped thinking Peter wanted to "pet her" and Lola (whose got greyhound in her) ran in and out of TRAFFIC but stopped a good 5 blocks away b/c she had to pee, and Peter grabbed her! Peter told me what had happened and I almost broke out into tears...and couldn't stop thanking Peter for saving my girls lives! My Dad felt horrible and I held back a screaching fit on him. He was sorry. And the girls are okay.

I'm home all day today! Tysons in kenora. I had to stay home to take care of the dogs... I don't think i'm even going to put pants on today. It's gonna be a messy hair, pajama shirt wearing, apricot eating, pantless day! lol...

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  1. 3 Cheers for the hero! I'm so glad you pups are ok.

    Thank God I'm not the only one who has those days :).

    (found your blog through flickr...had to list you on my own blog so I can check it every day. you are incredibly creative and your posts are great.)


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