I was doing some major blog reading last night. I've been using Bloglines lately, and I really like it, but I find it stressful when I see I have 300 posts to read. I think I need to at least make 2 categories of "often" and "not-so-often". I'll share my list sometime... you're probably on it, 100+ blogs.... yoy! Anyways, back to my story. So I'm reading and I see "me-stuff" 3 times! So cool to be noticed! (This is better than googling myself. Comon, you know you all do it!) Here's what I found :) Feeling Stitchy shared my stitched And last week my stitched heart was in their heart mosaic (bottom row)
House on Hill Road (an AWESOME craftblog!) had one of my 365's in her mosaic (2nd one in). and Grover/Vanessa named me one of her 5 Shout-outs of Rockin' Girl Bloggers :) Thanks Vanessa, love you! Congrats on the Scrapbook Trends layout pub, you DESERVE it! YOU rock!
5 Fem Bloggers who rock my blog world the most: Stefani Elsie Rachel Molly
Go blog world! :)


  1. i couldn't do it without bloglines either. i like your idea of often and not so often....

    and thanks for the nice mention.

  2. I don't know that I've ever been considered Rockin' before. Thanks for the kudos.

  3. I told my kids I was rockin'. Blank stares all around :-) Thanks, sweets!


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