we were famous

March 2006. Mom, Leigh-Ann, Amanda :) Came across this picture today :) Driving down Jubilee, Mom squeels and yells "the Bridge Drive-it's OPEEEEN!" Amanda waves/flails her arms in the air as mom SWERVES from the MIDDLE lane into the parking lot.(This place is a Winnipeg must! Great Icecream, then you can go for a stroll on the walking bridge.) We skip up to the parlor, and up walks this tallllll man named "BRUNO" and he says, "well ladies, today's you're lucky day!" and i'm thinking, "please don't kidnap us and sell us as hot female love slaves." Bruno says, "I'm from the Winnipeg Free Press {our big newspaper} and I've been waiting for someone to come buy icecream on opening day. I saw you crazies drive by swerving in, and thought, 'Bingo!'"...so he photographed us, we kept giggling cause it was all too funny, and cause he got really close with the big camera. all we could think was "double chin, double chin". we were in the paper, famous for one day. love this memory. that's my beautiful sister Amanda on the right--- *shhhhh* don't tell Matt about this post;). She was about 2 months pregnant....before we found out she was having twins.


  1. I love this picture so much!! It captures the moment! And I love your family and how much fun you guys can have, with simple normal stuff like ice cream! :) You three are so beautiful!! And why does Matt not want Amanda's picture on the internet? crazies! :) Love you!

  2. hey!
    up so late!
    oh wait, it is friday, yet i am ready for bed already!
    yah, i need to update, put up some new pics. i took some really awesome ones today at school. i am trying to make some cool picture collages for the kids as a kindergarten graduation present. but of course i can't post them. i will have to show them to you one day.
    i promise i will update this weekend!
    *pinky swear*

  3. Matt's going to KILL you!!!! :P:P:P Very cute pic. You, your mom and sis have this knack on getting into the paper! Remember the drive-in picture? Find that one and post it! :P



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