wanna go?

galaxy skate land on portage is closing :(
it's their last skate tomorrow night.
does anybody wanna go?
then, they're having a massive garage sale (so vintage!) for five days, June 4-9!
i'm all over that bidniss! totally!


  1. Count me in - I bet we could have some serious laughs with the two of us skating... I can't wait to see your new collection of sweaty vintage roller skates what else would there be to buy at that sale?

  2. lol, i'm flattered! it's worth the drive, kenntucky to winnipeg! dork, lol! oh how we'd laugh!
    i'm hoping some of the fixtures, posters, old things, history. it's like the best! maybe my next house can be rollar-rink themed! lol!
    ps> my wv: Hip Texas

  3. i'd go. but miller got his balls cut off today (so blunt!) and we are dogsitting bosco (chris's parents dog) for the weekend so i am tied up.
    but...i was there on sunday! so at least i got to go one more time before it closed. although the idea of the garage sale is intriguing (sp?)!!
    we'll see if i can get away for a bit!

  4. Leigh-ann - Wheelies is closing too. FYI



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