glass beach mail-day

i admit, i was originally drawn to this shop by the great name, Glass Beach, but man does this woman/artist rock the prints! My mail came today...WEEEEE!!! You know what i'm doing!! It's just as good as paper... *Flutter* Here's Glass Beach/Maia's blog too. Buy handmade.


  1. Hey, thanks so much for the awesome pic! I just blogged about them and came over here to make sure I put in the right address and, look, there's another super-fun pic of you!

    I'm so glad you like your wallets!!!

  2. how do you not have your new license yet, we have our bdays in the same month and you still have your old one, u just might get a ticket for that one
    i knew a guy how drove around with a old license and let me tell you it wasnt pretty (guess who i am)

  3. those are stink'in cute!!!!
    polka dots..had me at the polka dots!


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