hi neighbor

We walked for 3 hours at hi Neighbor today. A festival that's been around since i had bangs. ie. child. by the way, i'm getting bangs again. i've been eating really healthy lately (fyi: i did eat all of this and i killed this one on the left) but today i had a carni coke, my first ever corndog and mini-donuts..and lots of water. lola had the same, minus the coke. i'm happy to report that our Vancouver weather has finally left and it's sweaty out. Tyson's on his way home RIGHT NOW...so we're gonna go to hi neighbor tonight, hold hands & ride the zipper and skymaster. this is my new ring. wood. and i got a white bone one too. love.

1 comment:

  1. love the ring! where did you get it?
    i'm so happy for you that tyson is back!
    i am going to be a busy baker today, it's my week on kitchen duty at work and i want to bring in some homemade goodies!
    have a great SUNday!


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