My good friend Juanita swung by my work today....with the coolest present EVER! She was just in Halifax and found THIS!...
Juanita's a super special friend to me! She's helped me thru a lot of hard times and shared a lot of her wisdom with me. She's also a huge support of Freckled Nest...always letting me run ideas and creations by her, ordering many custom albums and journals for her family memories and as gifts...and best, helped me create the name Freckled Nest...Yeeeee!
So this little amazing box of soap screamed Leigh-Ann/Freckled Nest to her....and i LOVE IT! I squeeled when she put it infont of me...
I've seen these delectable soaps in magazines before (ripping out their pictures for my inspiration journal) and have even had a few friends email me about how perfect they are... but now I HAVE a pretty set!!! And i will never use them... lol. They will be displayed foreva! And i will TOTALLY use this box in a million different ways over the years! How could i not!?!
Thanks Juanita!!! Here's a few pics we took for fun today... Her youngest son Dawson (who loves to come visit candy-giving Miss.Leigh-Lann) was hamming it up for the camera and found a prop in the lost and found...Too cute!

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  1. i saw those at mcnally robinson the day we went to see dirty dancing!
    i thought they would be perfect for you, so glad you got them!
    looking forward to next friday!
    we should definetly make plans to hang out over the summer!


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