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Been really into these lately.....
I'm stalking this shop till these come on sale! How adorable!?!
(Made by the ubber-talented,
Q. How do you spell 'Ubber'? Teaque??


  1. omg! love the pigtales..too cute!

  2. Missed you this evening. Your gal pals and I were commenting on - oh right - no comment here! Anyway, I got another accordion project done (minus the slip-cover). It's a graduation gift for Sam's friend who is graduating later this month. Sam took several photos of her a few weeks back in her graduation gown and I used those to create project tonight. Hope you have a GREAT weekend. T.

  3. So glad you found me! Those dolls are adorable x

  4. Stefani, of Blue Yonder6/16/2007 10:42:00 am

    blushing :-)

  5. So close - just one B baby... uber

    Sure wish I had time to look at all those links... I'm sure they are uber fabulous! :) Miss you.... haven't forgotten you!! TQ


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