what am i supposed to do with this?!

Thought i'd add this to the fruit salad i was making tonight (domesticness emphasized!)(i'm not a name-dropper, i'm a domestic-dropper.)...i cut it open expecting somekind of mango or papaya flesh, and offended, said out loud to Lola, what am i supposed to do with this!? i tasted it...banana kiwi was my final answer. no good for anything though. i scanned and uploaded photos for mom all night(for this Thursdays class---which i am SO excited for!). no nap, banana cream pie or big creative project. but i did pack the kits, tools and supplies for Thursday, did some stitching :) and planned my next mini-album topic= lol, i just ordered a second set of mom's photos. anyways, should get to bed. Lola's resting her chin on my knee right now. a hint. she's really enjoying sleeping in Papa's spot...and i'm enjoying waking up to her little kisses. such a sweetie. ps. i love you Tyson. Added: Mom! I wanted to, thats why i offered. Don't apologize. It was a productive night, and i planned to scan those in anyways. Glad i could help you :) Love you!


  1. hey leigh-ann!
    thanks! i sometimes have bangs. usually when i get a haircut i get some put in, then i wait 6 months to get another haircut and so they grow out. i had just gotten a haircut on friday, so they were fresh! a little shorter than normal, but i made it work with a barrette!
    i know i have been a slacker with the blogging. just posting pics. i think i lost my groove. well, that and facebook has got me addicted!
    i am totally going to check out cafepress for jerseys! i want to make little shirts for stella and miller too!
    your mom was awesome! same with your aunt! it was great to meet them and i am really looking forward to seeing everyone all together! we came up with some really good ideas. i'm going through some of the pics i took to see where the best place to set up will be.
    ps you are too cute, taking pictures of yourself talking to lola and your spiky fruit!

  2. I'm so sorry Leigh-Ann that I used your evening,:( BUT I do really appreciate what you did for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.:) Sorry you changed your plans.
    I stayed up till 11 to work on those pictures and I got them all transfered, thanks a million!!!!
    Now I'm up at 4:30 am working on the computer trying to get a few more things done, aunty is coming over so we can place them in the book tonight.
    Weird looking fruit on the inside as much as it is on the outside.

    Love Momma

    Hi Tyson, hope your work has gone well these past couple of weeks.
    Love Momma

  3. YUCK! That looks so gross, like slime with seeds in it. Well, sometimes "It isn't what's on the inside that counts." or "Ugly is more than skin deep!"


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