like, ya, i alwaaaays feel like making/creating stuff...and sometimes i annoy myself cause i can't just sit still...but today i have this super strong longing to just dive into a big creative project. don't know what, don't know why. i'm at work. when i get home....watch out! a) me and lola will craft it up. she's my little partner. we're missing tyson together...and sometimes penny.
or b) we might go completely the other way...and take a nap ;) or c) we finish the all the projects that are allllmost done ...any other suggestions?


  1. oh!! Leigh-Ann, you should bake a banana cream pie!!! --then decide! (yes, lol, i'm commenting to myself!) Ok, Leigh-Ann, thanks for the great advice. Will do!
    What a great friend you are.

  2. girl you've got problems - none I can't deal with but just a few issues none the less. :) LOL!! So I was thinking that your love album is screaming KC and I wish I was as flippin cool as you - guess what? I'm getting my nose pierced... today the wv says: lover circle journal


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