here kody :)


  1. the brotha (from the same motha)5/16/2007 10:29:00 pm

    2 Things:
    1) to everyone that looks at this photo, i am not crying, but laughing so hard that my throat started to hurt
    2) L.A. this is OKish, but i was expecting more photos, seeing as how you took so many in the 2 or 3 hours that we were together that night

    o and check your myspace, i sent you a link to a video that i did a blog about one time

  2. Kody?! Was that a post with NO grammatical errors?! lol! I could read it without a deKoder! (Get it, deKODEr?!) The other photos showed Amanda's face and you looked a little on the Bubbles side.
    I watched that video, funny!
    Heres the link for anyone else:

    I only took like 10-12 pictures of you by the way! You just kept making faces that weren't working for me. You need to go to Tyra Banks training camp!
    PS> Your fans miss your comments on here. Teaque was asking about you a few posts back. She's hot.

  3. hey Teaque How You Doin (ina Joey Tribianny voice)
    were are all my fans comments though


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