"let's go for icecream"

i just didn't feel like bloggin today. not much up. i've been stitching totes this week...finishing orders, working on random totes for the Mansion Craft Sale in November, and trying to organize my mounds of pretty paper. my new system: extra large ziplocks. genius, i know. i need to start carrying my camera with me again... The only pictures i've taken lately were iphotobooth...and they were of my increasing chest size. (to email Karisa, lol) She bust a gut when that email came thru. We're competing. lol, i don't think i'll share those pix. they're not inappropriate, but ick, whose out there. i still can't believe i'm a 'woman'. i used to lay in the bathtub and push my flat chest together and scrunch my shoulders forward to make something that resembled cleave...and of course there were these moments...and these... Now i don't have to gather my skin to make the 'shadow' that i used to be so fascinated/envious of my mom for. LOL. guess this turned into a post after all. edited: teaque says this post is TMI, but comeon, we've got em, and doesn't every little girl do this?! Right? Right!? (lol, I'm probably the only one, other than Kody. kidding.) i removed the photo. Going to a crop (scrapbooking) with Vanessa/Grover this Friday. We both live in Winnipeg, met in blogland, and after many attemps, are going to finally hang on Friday. Yay! Other than that, i'm home for the weekend. I'm talking about the weekend already cause this week has felt very long, and it should be Friday by now. and it's been very hot. hotter than Kentucky!


  1. Ok first of all that post may have been borderline TMI, almost surprised Ty would let you blog that... LOL...Sad thing is I can totally relate. Mine were just socks (no eggs for me) up until about 3 years ago (LOL) I don't think I actually have proof of my obsession though... oh and totally thrilled that KY made the blogland news - we'll have to compete come July and August - maybe do a heat index or something - we are SURE to win that competition!!

  2. tell Kody to comment on this one (I miss his whitty banter...) I'm sure he'd have something interesting and thought provoking to say... lol

  3. yahoooie! cropping friday..counting down the minutes!
    your right..much too long of a week!

  4. good morning
    i think this was a pretty funny post.
    i get the not feeling like blogging thing. i kinda feel like i don't have anything to say right now either, but i let the pictures talk for themselves.
    have fun on friday!

  5. Those photos are hilarious. Have a great time cropping on Friday. I'm so jealous. I need some peeps to go cropping on a regular basis.

  6. Well LA, have you ever heard the saying "be careful what you wish for" because it may come back and bite you in the a**, I mean boob!!!LOL, hahaha. I think even Amanda is getting worried that things may not go back to normal, look at me(Mom) after having kids. And eventually there won't even be a shadow. You may be stuck with them till you're old and grey, and then you end up with saggy socks.

    Excuse my blondness or bloglessness, but what does TMI stand for? I may be sorry I've asked.

    Have a fun weekend Leigh-Ann, don't stay up too late scrapping while we're all working.

    Love Momma


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