I saw these sweetpeas when i was in cute are they!!? It's a little long, but watch till the end; totally precious! I'm so smitten for animal cuteness! ...these 2 otters made my little details lovin day. That, and the fact that we've got electricity to our bathroom again! It's been out since the thaw. Well...we still had use of the shower light...our dim showerlight. lol, when Tyson would shave & he'd often miss a strip under his chin or something. and we would notice it once we'd left the was always funny.


  1. HEY!
    yah i am a geek! i have been studying and studying from my manuel and some books i have. researching on the internet too. i really, really want to do a good job. how bad would i feel if the pics suck? i bought a few more memory cards and plan to get another battery pack too.
    these otters are so cute! love that they went back to each other again.
    have a great day!

  2. Loved this Otter show! Reminded me of when I grew up on the farm, and one summer we had an otter family stay around for about two weeks. Loved watching the pups play while the Mom watched over them.


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