and the winner is...

*The contest is now over.* Here were some of the quotes i love but didn't see. Johnny: "No Miss.Fix-it. Somebody else can't." ----- Baby: "You're wild." Johnny: "What?" Baby: "You're Wild!!" --- Lisa: "I feel pretty. or What do the simple folk do? or I feel pretty." --- Johnny: "We're taking a break. We need a break." Fun DD sites I've found lately: Quotes Swayze Mania the Script We had 26 Quote entires, (Jude1, Thelma4, JenCoen4, AmandaRoss12, Shayla4, Kelly1) But like i said, I had one quote that if said, would be an automatic win, and it was this: "Ga-gung" Amanda Ross! You win and remain to be, the 'quote champion'! Congrats! I have a special prize for you. a nice&noisy one! Honorable Mention goes to Thelma's: "I have to say it. I'm known as the catch of the county." And Amanda made my stomach hurt from laughing at: "Sit down Jake" Thanks everyone for participating!! I will definitely have more contests with prizes in the future! I should get sponsors, like a social. Go big and get some tanning gift certificates and car dealership trucker caps! Lol, YA! Now time to sleep. My two posts tonight got erased right before they were done, and i had to retype and relink everything. (Erased probably because I'm laying down with the laptop right up to my neck and i keep hitting the mouse key with my Leno-chin, which seems to shut the window. Yes. Picture it. And I'm squinting.)


  1. HA! i'm totally picturing it!! you are too funny...and yes i totally bought those banana's today because of you guys!! chris and i had a good laugh in the produce aisle!!
    have a good sleep!

  2. ps
    love your "scrap" picture!!

  3. woops. the we need a break thing isn't my work. i'm digitally inept.

  4. WOOT WOOT!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!

    to other's out there, this contest was not fixed. I won fair and square! No favoritizm!!!! Is that even spelt right!?!?!

    WOO HOO!!!!!!



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