Scattered Seeds

Scattered Seeds Fine Arts & Craft Sale was this past weekend! Lots of fun, Jill created gorgeous vignettes (her favorite word) and we met lots of great people! Jill and I have partnered up with the hopes and intention to open a Vintage Co-Op boutique called "The Vintage Collective". We are still seeking out other vintage artists to contribute to the boutique, and we're thrilled to have already made a few strong contacts thru Scattered Seeds! If you or anyone you know (local or abroad) would like to be involved, below is a bit of information... feel free to email me or Jill. We are very excited and hope & anticipate that this boutique will be a Winnipeg favorite!


  1. Hey, I didn't remember authorizing a picture of suprizingly baggy pants I might add (kind of unlike me). Good thing it's blurry.

    Hope u had a bit of fun! I loved having you play shop girl with me!

  2. fabulous idea you have there!
    missed you on saturday there mom and I went by the booth and L-A was no where to be seen! Sounds like it was a great weekend, you must be soooooo tired from it though..long hours!

  3. erk! I wish i would have seen you!!i was walking around a lot(talking with Vendors about The Vintage Collaborative, AND spending my earnings on Jewelry and Artrocks!) Darn! ...Another time i guess. I did get to see Amanda Ross though :), did you guys run into eachother?

  4. thank you!

    i've gotten all your comments, but need to head to work!! so i shall reply when i get home!!

    Have a good day!


  5. How fantastic! Gosh, I wish I lived close! I'm lovin' what I'm seein!

  6. Hi Leigh-Ann
    thanks again for the comment on my wedding pic!!
    it wasn't me you met, i was not wearing an ado(red) shirt, i only have the inspi(red) one. but i think i was talking to jill. i don't think you were there at the time.
    your dogs are adorable! i'm a huge dog fan. the dog park is part of my daily routine now every day after work.
    enjoy your tuesday night!

  7. I LOVE that yellow telephone!!! I would love, love, love to sell stuff at your future shop... but of course have no idea what! I still need to come up with a product that I love to make, that's unique, and that people will want! Like your albums! Maybe collages or something... I'll start brainstorming :)


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