I heart Sophie

*achooo* This sweet pup followed me home today on my lunch walk... she was lost:( I brought her to my work and put her into the courtyard and named her Sophie. What a hefty Lola! I wanted to bring her home for Penny and Lola to have a sister... Tyson said yes. But I thought she'd miss her family... so we brought her to the Humane Society so they could find her Mom and Dad. She was really sweet. {Lol, you can see me crouching in the window reflection behind Soph.}

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  1. moms came on here last night(surprise surprise)and felt the need to make a comment out loud that you change your name at the top of the page again, i told her what do you care, if you care so much then start your own blog and then you can change yours all you want ZING ZING
    o and she add one of her o that leigh/ann


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