I got these thrifties in the past few days(fleaing and sailing): love this little dollhouse sofa! love it all! i found lots of great things this past week... Garage Sales are thriving, and the flea market is of course a permanent fav...jill and i went out together today; i got a old papercutter, small television for $5, ammunition case and shotgun shell woodbox from ww2 for tys. He loves ww mem stuff. also, a terrific printed fabric, white and the perfect green...i'm planning to make a random quilt (1st time) and this will be the back... also got an old secretary's desk book (supercool), big old jar with lid, a library card file, and a few other things. it was HATOUT! reached like 26degrees (celcius), so yes people, i broke and wore shorts, and i doubt Mom's starting a blog anyway, ah well. Going a new Flea Market tomorrow(On Provencher), then i should slow the pace down, or our 700sq feet will bust. Here's some things i just liked, but didn't go for... *discipline* (note, i really don't have much discipline from the looks of all my finds noted above.) ***Contest post from April 27 = Freckled Nest Prize Pack***


  1. looks like someone had fun today! I want to go thrifting now, but you always seem to find way cooler stuff.

    Update on the tote pics:
    Had a crazy day today with work/mom's birthday dinner/after dinner party at jarods folks place... so I will take pics tomorrow in the daylight and send them to you!

  2. looks like you've been framed...


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