by flashlight

Amanda and Matt were baptized today! Totally incredible! Words can't describe! After church, Tys and I went to a Flea Market (it was pretty sucky, except for a nice lady i met who creates beautiful jewelry, and we of course got talking about Etsy (my favorite)! I should buy shares in Etsy, i totally support the concept, the market and the community! i talk about it with most artists and creative people i meet. Karen was suggesting today that i should make an Etsy tutorial, along with some other blog things. that'd be fun...maybe after summer... anyways, when were leaving the flea market, poor tyson backed into the car behind us (i was using the middle mirror to put my makeup on, lol... so that didn't help his visibility.) Fortunately, nothing was damaged, but we found the owner of the car and exchanged information... Wouldn't want to be accused of a hit&run, Right Dad! (Dad totally rammed a little old lady in her hatchback off the road back in the 90s, and didn't even know he'd hit her with his big workvan...and the cops showed up one sunday afternoon like dad was some kinda scumbag who hitandruns little old ladies. he was almost peeing his pants. funny thing is he always claims to be a perfect&cautious we tend to *remind* him when he gets on his car safety podium. he never served jailtime, just super humiliation and demerits proved effective. Afterwards, Mom, Amanda and I went to our childhood friend, Kristy's bridal shower. It was nice :) Then the 3 of us went FakeHouse Hunting... Our cousin Holly is selling her house, and we went to scout the market for her, and see how people were liking it. Seems like she'll sell soon. Mom gets so giddy when she has to "act"...we pretended that Amanda "Jones" was in the market, and we asked lots of housebuyer kinda questions and then hid downstairs and listened to the shoppers upstairs. Holly: The house looks great, we heard good things from the ppl viewing it. Your agent reminds me of the guy from 'Get Smart', lol. Congratulations on you new home! Can't wait to see it! Then I came home and me and Tys took a loooong nap, woke up did some yardwork and made a late supper; FIRST bbq of the year!! ...and we ran out of propane midway, (Doesn't that always happen?! Isn't there a way, in this age of technology that we could have a tank that warns us when we're low?!) Lol! Spot the penny-mooch. Lola hoping for an *opportunity*... While cooking by flashlight, Lola snatched a farmer sausage...I laughed, Tyson deflated. He takes his meat very seriously, lol. Lola ran. Supper was SO good! Challenging to prepare, but very tasty! Thanks Tys!! ***Reminder: Contest post from April 27 = Freckled Nest Prize Pack***


  1. Kody: LA is that a new perfume, what is that scnet called
    LA: O that is lemon sented wet naps

  2. Love your blog! All those pics make me want to go yard saling!

    Thanks for the awesome compliment on my page over at Unpubbed. I really hope you participate. SURELY you have something awesome around your house you're just dying to scrap...

    So funny about the make-up application causing a wreck{or not}! Totally something I would do.


  3. Loving the music on your blog...good tunes!

    I so wish I could find good stuff at Flea Markets. I usually nothing good. Like old lady shoes and purses. Not my thing.

    Thanks for stopping by Your15 Minutes. Keep stopping by and post some of your scrapping goodness!!


  4. that murphy's law or WHAT! totally happens to us.


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