I love the Kodyness

Read this funny blogpost from my brother Kody's MySpace. He's sucha goof...and i love it! I can just picture mom hissing laughter in the background. She's Kodes number one laugher. I'm #2. It was so hard not to use spellcheck when I pasted this. That's another Kodyness. Wednesday, March 21, 2007 - 6:08 PM some could condier it fraud, i consider it fun this isnt the first time i have taken a phone call and acted as if im my dad, (ive done it the the gas company at the door to and it worked)a guy called tonight and it was a 1800 # and mom mom didnt wanna get it so i said ill take care of this, he asked for mr or mrs mclaughlin, i said this is, asked if we got a gift certificate in the mail, i said just a minute ill check with my wife (my momma) we didnt so he asked me a couple questions, like age are we (my mom and dad between 28 and 65 i told him closer to 65, asked were married i said use unfortunately, couple more questions and then said k now your eligble to come down to the olkhorn resort to watch a 90 minutevideo and then a chance to turn a key in a fj cruiser for a chance to win a 2 year lease or 15 grand, and just from coming down a 75 dollr gift certificate, i asked if my son (ME) could comedown to watch the video he asked if he (me) is between the ages and if he (ME) is in a relationship, income, i said no hes still single and living at home, and we cant get rid of him and my mom was trying not to laugh in the phone (che was sitting next to me), he said the i dont qualify but i could comedown with my mom or dad, and when i got off the phone i told this to my mom and shes like i dont wanna go down to do that so me and the popps will do it one dayi did a similar thing to the gas company at the door onetimeill type that up later its kinda long.

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  1. the brother (from the same mother)4/03/2007 06:40:00 pm

    he sounds like the coolestest brother from the sme mother ever
    i bet yall are jealous of my ghetto gangsta bumper also


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