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We played Guitar Hero tonight (*and decorated our Guitar. Tyson was very serious and systematic about it. It was cute and very funny {Silently Funny})...and watched ANTM...I'm a Natasha fan. "There's a difference between loving your dog, and lovvvvving your dog"...i think Lola's on the lovvve side... She gets in these psychotic kissing fits, and can't stop. I guess it doesn't help that i use Pudding as lipstick. ;) I didn't know it, but Freckled Nest was spotlighted on the popular blog, Modish back in December (Screen Shot above). I was contacted by a magazine today, invited to promote in ReadyMade Magazine.... and they had found me thru the Modish blog. Cool.


  1. Samaunt says. . .
    Wow! That is so great. I bet you were very excited. Glad to have you back in town although your blog kept me up to date and informed about your trip. Sounded like a ball except for the "flu" you had to endure and the precious time that was wasted. Oh well such is life!

  2. HIGH 5! congrats on the mag!

  3. Ahhhh - I'm so excited for you!! Congrats! Oh and the pudding lipstick - where do you find that? I think teenage boys like pudding don't they?? - ANony moose!

  4. Way to go with the magazine. Yippee!!

  5. exciting news for you LA...i'm happy for you!
    i wonder if brad pitt likes pudding....heeheehee
    ps,sorry i didn't get much time to chat with you and tyson the other night at...'my other place of work'...busy, busy, busy! it was really nice to meet him in person (instead of pic's on your blog)..you two seemed to be enjoying yourselves. hope it was a pleasant visit!

  6. Oh how exciting!! yay!! I love that mag too!


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