eleven stories

(Before the Concert)

the Sequence: 1. brads making me laugh and gawkward (giddy-awkward) laughter because a) i'm a rebel b) am i immediately going to get cancer?

1. cigars taste like cheese.
2. i like my new NewYork tshirt
3. angie, i used your deodorant.
4. tyson got called Super Mario tonight when he was in his coveralls from school.
5. i majorly choked when i tried tysons cigar (see sequence)
6. we have good friends
7. kody: thanks for letting the girls out
8. tyson is a sweetheart
9. i like winnipeg
10. we went to elephant&castle for supper and had to leave before our drinks came. too slow. but we tipped anyways. then settled on Mcdonalds...they've discontinued hot mustard and honey dip, what gives?!
11. dan and angie live on the 11th floor, and ppl above/to the right of them were throwing stuff off their balcony. i wanted to throw stuff too. instead i just poured some of my drink and watched it fall.
Tonight: i'll share concert pix. John Mayer was SOOOOOOO good!!!

1 comment:

  1. looks like fun!
    you obviously have the wrong cigars!! haha, chris has these "cigarellos" that taste like peach, the smoke even smells like peach!!


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