so good-


  1. I wish you would wake up and write something... you've been asleep for a really long time. (Oh and this thing still does not like the real me so I will forever be anonymous...)

  2. Is this Teaque? Sign your name Anon... ;)
    When i took that nap...i slept till 6:30pm. It was a fullon sleep day!
    I'll post this weekend. I've been pretty boring since i got back. I'm Spring Cleaning this weekend...time to purge...then go to the flea market, lol...and find good things that i still don't have the room for.
    If this is Teaque- you should talk...its been forever since you posted!
    As if Greys was a repeat last night!?!

  3. Who's Teaque? I bet she is the coolest ever? I'd be her friend in heart beat! AND I would like her whether she posted on her blog or not...


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