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Hi Everyone!! :) Happy Leigh-Ann is back! i'm sitting at Pender Pizza & Donut in Vancouver eating the best cheap pizza ever...better yet, they have free internet at the back. YAY! i was going thru withdrawls...No Internet at Aunty Kims, lol...well-there is dialup, lol! Today was superfun--an adventure!!! I took the sky train and sea bus and jouneyed. Went to the Quey (probably spelling it wrong) and to Stanley Park to see my Belugas. I'll be hopping on the sky train again soon to catch meet up with Aunty Kim and Uncle Brian...off to the airport to catch my flight. And so excited to spend a quite day with my Tyson tomorrow! He's skipping...and the phone will be off the hook. Lol. You win Teaque. Can't wait to share all my photos from this trip (eventually I'll put them on my Flickr and i wanna make a little travel journal... yay! This trip ended up being really great! I've forgotten that i was even sick...and i just remember the good things! And it gave my mind time to relax, think and dream. Things are changing. I've revamped my Freckled Nest goals, and i'm feeling really unburdened. Exciting and rejuvenated! AS IF THIS COMPUTER IS FREE!! Love it!! I went shopping with Marin and Janet (the funniest women IN THE WORLD) yesterday! We went to Button Button and i peed myself. It was awesome!! And i had a Greek Salad that changed my life! Did some signature poses with Aunty Kim last night. She was so serious about it. Mom--you're gonna crack up! Love you all, Can't wait to get back to Winnipeg! I'll try and bring some of this awesome weather with me! I'm gonna buy another coke and ignore the 30 minutes max. for internet...and catch up on some blogs. YAY VA! LA

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