Pastor Tom Selleck

(I'm a Secretary at a Church)
Here's a moment from today's discussion with my boss ---who we'll call Pastor Tom Selleck (Amanda and Kody's name for him; but yes, he does remind me of Tom Selleck).
LA: How are you feeling today?
PTS: So weak, my flu/cold has really hit me...
LA: Ya...
PTS: I've hardly been eating, lost 6 lbs this week
LA: REALLY?! (Mental thought: How do I obtain this magic flu/cold!)
PTS: "Ya, I'm just one flu virus away from my goal weight!"
Ahhhahaha! I burst out laughing---it was so hilarious! A Pastor/Man quoting the Devil Wears Prada! Priceless! His timing was impeccable!


  1. how cute!! Less than a month till your trip!!

  2. lol - that's funny. I have the book to read yet. Hope it was better than the movie, it was kinda a let down.....



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