Tag, i'm it.

I've been tagged by my friend, Alice Valentine! A= Available~ Happily Married :) B= Best Friend~ Tyson C= Cake or pie~ Amish Banana Cream Pie! D= Drink of choice~ Caesars. I'm going to make one now... brb. E= Essential item you use everyday~ glasses. i can't even see where they are. Like a blind person, they always need to go in the same spot, or i'm patting around the house. And my heart. I use it everyday, love. F= Favorite color~ The color of glass and guess... Robins Egg Blue and Seaglass. Gaaaa! G= Gummy bears or worms~ only sour ones dipped in sugar. I much prefer stale marshmellow strawberries. H= Hometown~ Here. I= Indulgences~ Paper and Buttons! J= January or February~ February. Its one month farther away from Winnipeg Winter. K= Kids and Names~ "Six". Just kidding. It's a George thing. But i don't like to share them. Well okay- Finn. L= Life is incomplete without?~ every new day. I love that we get to restart everyday. New. And incomplete without the similaries of everyday. Tyson, family, Lola and Penny, my collections. and my Ipod/My soundtrack. M= Marriage date~ May 17, 2003 N= Number of siblings~ Kody, Amanda, Matt, Dawn, Trisha O= Oranges or apples~ Oranges. I can appreciate a food named after a color. P= Phobias or Fears~ loose hair. Q= Favorite Quote~ "I am here to live out loud." -Emile Zola R= Reason to smile~ Olivia and Kennedy. S= Season~ If i didn't have to leave the house, all of them. But i'm not really a winter person. It's just difficult. I like summer the best. I feel like a kid again in the summer. T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ Amanda Ross, Grover, Elsie, and Joy! U= Unknown fact about me~ I couldn't smell till i was 16. V= Vegetable you don't like~ Raw onions and peas. W= Worst habit~ interupting. X= X-rays~ a few for some broken toes, and others.. Y= Your favorite food~ oh my... Mongos Z= Zodiac Sign~ I don't really like those. Thanks Alice! :)


  1. you couldn't smell till you were 16!? woah!! Was it amazing when you could or just totally overwelming. and your favorite food is mongos hey :)

  2. omg..i love marshamallow strawberries too!

    okay..looks like i'm IT..off to fill it out!

  3. AH! I've been tagged! :) Will totally do this soon!


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