My New Favorite Shop: The Cross Decor & Design in Vancouver! Gaaaaaaaa! I wanna roll in those glass knobs! Alice, can we go there in March?

Tomorrows Post: Alice Taged Me and A Public Forum: A Vote for the new Freckled Nest Stamp! ...Thats if my computer doesn't fall asleep. It's laggin!
I love Freckled Nest! But in a happy Momma kinda way! I'm having so much fun creaqting & watching us grow! Thanks for everyone's excitement, support and love! I had a moment yesterday. A little dream came true. I saw 4 of my albums on a shelf together, in a home. Thanks mom, you're my biggest fan. *heart* and Tyson. *tear*
I'll close with my favorite quote:
"I am here to live out loud."
- Emile Zola

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