A Freckled Nest Update

Things are going so WELL around here! Olivia and Kennedy are 10 pounds each now and totally Beautiful! Ira Sabel (KI Memories) said the KI Book is in the works, will be ready after CHA Winter, Can't wait to get my contest album back. I miss it and really want to share it here! My new gwen cd is constantly playing, so fun! My favorite=#2,5,7,8,10---oh lets face it, the whole cd is my favorite! I'm designing 40 new albums for the Big Winnipeg Fine Arts&Craft Show, Scattered Seeds, and I received my first paycheck from Keepsakes Gallery yesterday! That was exciting and my Keepsakes Featured Artist day is coming up, Saturday, January 27, 3-4pm, 264 McDermot Ave. I will bring sprinkle cupcakes with major icing! Our Personalized Totes are a huge hit! Knitters, Scrapbookers, and Jewelery!! 3 sold in the last few days!! 2 New York and 1 Conneticut! I can't keep up! But I'm having so much fun! I'm going to start exporting to stores soon, Albums and Totes! (and soon Vintage Chimes!) And it is my dream and goal that FreckledNest.com will become my full time career in the next year, maybe two. We'll see ;) PS> I got my airfare for Artistry / Alice 1/2 price yesterday!! More shopping? Yes please! Hallar! Thanks to everyone who visits my blog. Love you all! LA


  1. Wow, so many exciting things happening for you, LA!!! :) Congrats, girl!

  2. Love to check it everyday, sometimes once, twice, three times and then I loose count. It's exciting to see!!!

    Signed,YOU KNOW WHO

    (Mini Martha)

  3. Yay for LA!! So happy for you, and so excited to see your dreams coming true! Now come and visit me so you can pass on the good luck!

    It's snowing again here... so pretty yet cold, brrrr!

    And I posted more stuff on my etsy!

  4. I am so happy for you... this is a dream come true. I have to say that I finally started working on my album of Hudson that you made and I am in love with it each time I look at it, and having so much fun working on it. I wish you continued success.


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