Last years resolution was for Tyson to not be taken to hospital. January 2nd: He cut his thumb pretty bad, and out the window that resolution went. This was us laughing about it on the ride home... For Dad's 60th Birthday; we all wore those glasses/nose masks for a photo with Dad (he naturally looks like the mask). After the photo was taken, he turned around and saw about 30 of us wearing these. It was pretty funny! Then he warned that he'd get us back! While raking 30 bags of leaves at the cabin, we celexad off and played instead. Laughed so hard---right mom? After dinner at Olive Garden, Me and Amanda were feeling pretty full. If you stretch real high, it doesn't make you "look" full---so we did. Then someone walked in. We left quickly, lol. After Olivia and Kennedy were born, I practiced swaddling Tyson. Yes, much convincing was needed. My Dad changes into his uniform when he gets to work. Before we left for our Girls Grand Forks Trip, we stopped by CN, his work. It was very weird for Amanda and I to see Dad in his uniform. 2nd life. This oddly enough was our first time seeing this. We couldn't get over it. Kinda like a superhero, but for trains. Now that she's okay, I find the "Penny looks like Stalone" experience quite commical. She ate a bee and had huge lips. Dog-botox. Dotox. Look at this ladies hair(back). She was like 60 or 70. It was too funny. Me and Tyson took this inconspicuous picture. I said, "Tyson, We need one of those button cameras". He said, "Ya-That's all we need. To get arrested." The bus is so amuzing. Return of the fruit cemetery. Mom still continues to buy more fruit than necessary. A 9 pound box of oranges, 2 cantelopes at once, multiple containers of grape-sized tomatoes that sit on the counter. There's something rot in her. I'm wheezing at that one...lol. Get it, There's something rot in her... 2006 Statistics TV Project Runway Top Model Grey's Anatomy The Office Heroes Oprah Tyra Wheel of Fortune Conan Music Feist Zero 7 Gwen Stefani John Mayer Martin Sexton Hello Goodbye Beyonce Corrine Bailey Rae Imogen Heap Ok Go Andy Samberg India Arie Favorite Movies Shopgirl Garden State Big Fish Stick It Devil Wears Prada Little Miss Sunshine Big Things that Happened this Year Freckled Nest 50 Albums Created Keepsakes Gallery Albums and Totes Sold Internationally Website Lauched Online Store Opened Family Tyson Started Piping Trades :) Lola has become so affectionate this year. She cuddles and kisses. Lola and Penny are a year older Leigh-Ann and Tyson are a year older Olivia and Kennedy are beautiful!!! Amanda and Matt are Mommy and Daddy :) Mom and Dad became grandparents Me, Tyson, Kody are Aunty and Uncles The Cabin is HUGE and beautiful Kody applied to be a policeman. I finally got a great haircut We are all happy and healthy :) My New Years Resolution Take vitamins Things to Come in 2007 January 27th: Featured Artist at Keepsakes Gallery A new album design 10.5x10.5x2.5 Vintage Chimes, a new Freckled Nest project March: Aritstry Conference April: Scattered Seeds Craft Sale May 17: Our 4th Year Anniversary (LA & Tys) June: Tyson finishes school, starts apprenticing. Summer: Cabin Stage 2 November: Heritage Craft Sale To Do New Roof Spoil Kennedy and Olivia Find out Kody's Source Finish Renovations Enjoy 2007!


  1. Nice blog entry LA--lots of laughs and lots of sentimental moments, BUT I take exception to the fruit cemetary. I do not buy excess fruit, people just don't eat it fast enough!!! And I don't buy 2 canteloupes at once, what is thereac???
    Cute reflections, and I'm glad you're taking my idea for resolutions, bet you can't guess what mine is.????

    Hope you and Tyson are both well soon, Tyson looked drained when I saw you both.

    Love Momma
    I love my Christmas presents!!!!!

  2. Hey baby

    I wonder where Penny gets these "stairing at the clouds" tendancies?

    Anyways, 2007 will be a better year yet, for both of us.

    Love you

  3. cute blog .... hope all your resolutions work out in 2007.

  4. Hey clip clop!
    It's been awhile for me hey!!?? But I'm back baby!!! Olive Garden was really good, it was the yummy sauce that made us full!!! :P Glad that pictures is blurry.... :P.

    Love ya

  5. LOVE it!! Haha so many funny things have happened to you in 06. I may have to steel your idea here!

    ps... love the song on your blog, who is it?

  6. i told u id leave the source in my will, so either murder me or youll have to wait

  7. LA, you should pretty much be a comedienne!! You make me laugh so much!


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