This is my 2006 Favorite Christmas Memory. This day, this moment. We all went sledding and played like we were kids again! Laughing and giggling! I wouldn't trade this memory for anything.
This was a very special Christmas, In Winnipeg and In Kenora. Thanks to our family. Love you all!
{Funniest Moment of Sledding: Penny! She was standing in the sled path, starring at the clouds---realized too late that Dawn was on her way down, and instead of moving to the side, she ran down the hill like she was being chased by an avalanche! So funny! After that, she either hid in the forest behind trees or kept watch from her log perch }
Tomorrow: A post of my favorite photos, moments, memories and lessons learned in 2006.


  1. LOVE the photos! Super excited for your next post!

    PS... your gift is almost complete, just need to varnish and then ship it out to you!

  2. Love basset hounds! your story here on your sledding adventure was fun and so funny seeing your dog enjoy the adventures too. Our neightbor has a basset hound too and he lays in the middle of the road all the time and we just's leo again laying in the street. Love his web feet! Great blog!


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