Joyful, Joy Full

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I'm in the spirit :) Tonight, Tyson and I will start our Christmas shopping, and we are so excited to do that together!
Our Very Vintage Christmas Sale was huge success! I loved meeting everyone, and sharing my art and passion! Thank-You for everyones best wishes and support!
I am so happy, I have now saved enough for my airfare to Vancouver in March 2007, and even some spending money and money in my Freckled Nest account! My fingers are numb from all this crafting, but I'm pressing on! I love making art and creating! And I hope I do this forever and ever! Freckled Nest is growing faster than I can keep up and I love it!! It energizes me, makes me smile big and tear up just thinking of how we've grown, and where we're going! Praise God!
I'll will be adding many more items to Keepsakes (264 McDermot Ave) today, and will soon have a new display fixture--I LOVE it!! We're going to paint it up soon, and hopefully have it ready before this year ends!
Also, I am thrilled to announce that I am going to be a Featured Artist at the Gallery, Saturday, January 28th! I will share more about that in the coming weeks, but save the date! I'd love to have my family, friends, and clients stop in-and there will be live music! :)
Have a great day everyone! And remember to be a blessing this Christmas, gifts don't have to come in a pretty box :)

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  1. So Happy For You!! Everything seems to be going so well for you! I'm thrilled! Way to go LA, you deserve every single ounce of happiness that you are feeling. By the way, I started my Etsy shop!! Yay!


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