It's Friday-gaaaaa!!

So happy it's Friday! I'm hibernating tomorrow. Okay, highlight of the week, I seriously bought 2 "econo-mart" bags (lol, that's so T-Cona), FULL of buttons this week! Can you hear my giddy squeels? Biggest button haul ever! I have hardly been able to look through them though, but I have a new amazing button project to come. Vintage buttons. I don't want to part with them, but it is going to be too good not to share! I'm doing totes all weekend(lots of orders so far, very cool!), and happy to be working on that cozyed up in my toile pajamas with tea(scratch that, make me sound like a granny, toile pajama's with a ceasar. yes. many. no vodka Kody.) Tyson's working all weekend, but we're celebrating his 26th birthday this Monday! That's an old number hey? Feels like we should have kids with that number. It's on my mind these days. But just 'not yet'. I'll fake mommy Olivia and Kennedy for now, and Tremane my sweet nephew. Amanda's shower was very nice, Mom outdid herself. And the twins got so many beautiful gifts and lots and lots of diapers! The 20 ornaments below are for a wonderful lady, Bridgette from Washington. She makes beautiful handmade approns. Have a great weekend y'all! (shout out to Karisa and Christina)


  1. Oh wow you sure have been busy!! That's awesome! guess what!? My etsy shop is up and running and I sold an item!! yay!

    oh come on... have some babies and I'll make them pretty stuff. pleeease!?

  2. I just love the old fashione bulbs on these, TOO cute!

  3. You are

    Crazy, wonderful, creative, beautiful, breathtaking, loving, kind, caring, too good to me, always there, very busy, everything I want and need.

    And unfortunately sick,

    love ya

  4. Do you still make these ornaments?
    They are FABULOUS!


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