Tony's Birthday

Somehow the birthday boy got cakefaced-and tried kissing everyone to share the messy-ick! He has so many great friends, it was an awesome party! Some spicy shrimp cleared my sinus' a bit, but i was pretty lifeless at times (head cold). It was nice to see family though, and celebrate Tony's 40th Birthday (and mullet, lol)-Happy Birthday Tony! Great Party Aunty Sandy! Tony gave dad a cake kiss on his head while he was sleeping. (Dad's just the life of this party! lol!) You'll note that my dad sleeps like he's in a coffin! Always has. Mom and Susan were having rebel-fun tonight, lol. They were cleaning dishes (it was a BIG party, with TONS of amazing food!), and putting them away in the completely wrong spots. You might say Aunty Sandy/her house is "a bit" organized (understatement) just like my mom's house, so tomorrow, when Aunty Sandy is "alert", she'll find her kitchen all amess, with things stashed everywhere. Yes, it was rebel-fun, you shoulda heard them snickering, you'd think they were TP-ing her house! This is my tall twin Holly (we're cousins). I was at a garage sale this summer, and a complete stranger says to me, "is Holly your sister?" i'm like no, but i have a cousin named Holly. And she said, you have the same voice, and look quite alike. I can kinda see it, but lol, this was a woman just overhearing me talk to Tyson. it was funny. She's awesome, she's (Holly; not the crazy garage sale lady) such a good mom to Tremane. She had fun tonight! Holly, do you remember us taking this picture? ;)

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