i heart

i heart the newest room in our house. our porch.. we've always had it, but threw all our junk in it (ie: boxes i didn't want to part and things we didn't need). instead i made the left half into a sitting room, and it is so cozy and inviting! the right side is organized storage. i heart this old dresser. i got it 4 or 5 years ago at a garage sale for 8$. they said it was antique. everyone wants me to refinish it. maybe one day, but for now, i love how worn it is. except for the picture frame, everything on it, i've gathered from flea markets and garage sales over the years. and a big leaf tyson picked me. (((hugs))) i heart the line on Amanda's belly, and the way her belly surprises me every time i see her! *adorable* i heart my magazine clippings i've made into an inspiration journal. *love it* the first snow fall came today. i'm still enjoying my cute little pumpkins, but someone took the smallest one friday night and smashed it, at least i still have two :) i might get more, so hard to resist! :) i heart lola's everything :) she is so sweet; the way she sits at the door, perks her ears when she hears me whistle, watches the window to see if i'm admiring her, cuddle up, and wants to give me kisses everytime i say i love you... i recently taught her to bow, now i'm trying to teach her to say "I wuv mama"-it's not working. tyson finds it more than amusing! i heart Project Runway! so good. if you don't watch that show, you must start! it gets better every season, especially with great staples like tim gunn and michael kors. they are new york! seriously though, this show is so good-love it! holy crap- Nisa Finn came to my blog today. she's a really good scrapbooker/artist/photographer, and i don't know how she found me, but it was cool. i won on ebay today. i bought 1 thing. haven't been on ebay for about a year. i won one package of all the 2005 creating keepsakes magazines for like 8$ today. thats less than the price of one. i started regularly buying it in april this year, but haven't seen any 2005 issues, so this'll be sweet inspriation overload. i'm still reading thru nov's but i'm finding that its a bit full with ads(more than usual). i want articles, and modern scrapbooking examples, too many basic examples in the ads. bla. ali edwards section is my favorite.. 2 of the blogs i reg. read were in hers. congrats kristina and michelle if you ever come here. inspired!

i need to fax my release form to ki memories tomorrow. they will be shipping my album back sometime soon and the prizes(tons of product and an ipod nano-which in my head i've already created a few playlists, and they play on shuffle) are getting shipped in november and the book will be out early 2007. it will be so exciting and weird to see my work in a book!

Tyson got 90% on his pipe fitting test friday! he is so doing so good in school! visit his blog :) Thanksgiving dinner last night was AMAZING! My mom is such a good cook! And we all shared what we're thankful for during dinner(dad's favorite tradition); it's so nice to share our blessings with each other. After dishes and we could close our belts (jk), we visited, told old stories and joked. lol, Tyson was so funny (mom said he was "on") and he was!-we all laughed so hard he had me in tears! and dad was hising with laughter. theres this way he laughs when he hears a really good joke, and he can't open his eyes, they scrunch up and he trys to stop laughing, but this weezy hissing comes out, and he thinks he can stop laughing (as he's tearing, and red) but he just can't, keeps going, and i just keep snort laughing at his laugh. a viscious cycle. goodnight everyone! i'm tired, it was a full weekend. but a good one :) my house is clean so i don't know what to do with myself. i love it!

Penny's snoring. she is hilarious. i should put her grunting and snorts on youtube. (mom-thats a video website) (dad, a website is a thing on the internet;the internet is the web;on the computer machine) just kidding. Leigh-Ann


  1. LOVE the picture of your porch! Can't wait to see it in the flesh! You sister looks like she's ready to explode! Her poor tiny body! :) lol.

    No more CLEANING!!!! (for at least a week! lol)

    love ya

  2. Wow, LOTS going on, huh? I can't wait for the KI book...and how exciting is it that Elsie is doing her product line with KI?!? Also...love PR as well! :) Have a great day, LA!!

  3. I really enjoyed this book, wait a minute it's only a blog entry.

    i heart Leigh-Ann and how she has a constant way of making me feel more amazing about myself, us, and our life.

    Without out you this house is just a shantie, but you are the heart, I love you so much.


  4. I absolutely love what you did with your porch. My girlfriend Susan who just sold her house did something very similar to hers and over the years Walter and her used that front porch alot, even to entertain in. We used to play board games in theirs in the summer all the time. It is a peaceful quiet place away from the TV, comp. etc. Enjoy! Your only aunt on your Dad's side.


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