mom's birthday <3

manda and i chatted as our chicken alfredo lasagna cooked. it was fun making dinner for our family at our old home. mom, dad and kody were still at the lake. and matt and tys arrived later... amanda is SO pregnant now! she's having the twins within the next 4 weeks, and is totally adorable! but matt(her husband) thinks the internet is evil lol, so i'm not allowed to put pix of her...hense no faces we hid in the kitchen but mom came in from behind--so she kinda surprised us too. but she was totally surprised! it was awesome! lol, in the pic of my mom and i, i had had like 2 sips of wine, and oy-was i feeling it in the cheeks...*laugh* beautiful roses for the most beautiful woman. happy birthday momma! LA


  1. Happy Birthday Leigh-Ann's mom!

  2. Hi Leigh-Ann and Tyson
    Thank you to all of you for my beautiful birthday party. It was a really nice surprise to come home to even though I surprised you. I love you all, thanks for the beautiful words in my card, very touching and my roses look beautiful.
    With love, Mom

  3. O.K. I need to have one of your cool books. Lots of colors-no pink!, doodads- a ton of them. I love them!!!I'm proud of you!Can you guess who? LU!
    (Hope my e-mail address doesn't show up & give me away)


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