Happy Birthday PapaBear!!

Last night, we threw a big surprise party for Dad! We couldn't get him outta the house though--but it worked out SO WELL! He fell asleep on the couch downstairs (watching poker), and we whispered for 2 hours as we prepared food. When the guests (23 adults and 1 baby) arrived, it was so funny (and nerveracking). Mom called dad up for dinner, and we yelled "Surpriiiiiiise!!" Best thing was-Dad was in his PAJAMAS!! lol!! It was a great party, i can't believe our we were able to keep it a surprise-especially mom! (mom-don't act so appauled, you know you are the worst liar ever *insert Tyson impersonating Mom -HERE- *) The dashing young man is my brother Kody. (note:this is the most "normal-faced" picture i have of him; he's 'different'-in a goofyway) and these 2 beautiful ladies are my grandmas *heart* LAUGH OUT LOUD!
Amanda and I officially titled mom's fruit bowl "The Fruit Cemetary" b/c lol, their is always a bad cantelope or something in it. On this occasion, their was also bananas, a partially eaten pomegranate (who actually eats those other than my mom?) and a few soft tomoatoes! Amanda and i were tearing with laughter at this little grave.


  1. u make me sound liek i have down syndrome

  2. EXCUSE ME,,,,,but YOU put the pomengranate in from the fridge, the canteloupe is still firm, the tomatoes are NOT soft, and the bananas may be bruised but perfect for banana loaf, which you will not be allowed to have any.

    Do you realize this is a form of bullying!!!

    I'M NOT A MURDERER!!!!!!


  3. lol-mom you're so funny. now you're diagosed not only as a 'Gum Snob', but also with "Fruit Insecurities'. i love you mom!!

  4. Wow,

    You're knocking them out one by one, heheh.

    Love you baby.


  5. Just wanted to let you know.......I ate this canteloupe and have a new one.
    The fruit cemetary sign is gone, sorry to dissapoint you!
    By the way you haven't heard this for awhile,

    Love Momma XOXOXO

    And she's not knocking them out one by one, tyson....


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