beauty Album {Class: November 14 @ SBD}

**Note: 2 new albums for sale in my Shop** Love this album! made with Cosmo Cricut papes and tons of yummy embellishments! i filled it with 18 photos, all *beauty*! On November 14th, i'll be teaching my first class at Scrapbooking by Design and i'm totally thrilled that this is what i will share with the class. We'll be making the same book and theme with 18 of the their (the students) beauty photos and icing them with these sweet embellishments! HELLO!! it's gonna rock! i'm AS excited with this album as i was with my KI contest album! love it!! 6 of the 9 inside pages are posted here:


  1. Your art is beautiful because with ever project, you expose you heart.

    I'm glad i'm a part of it.

    Love you so much, Mrs. Keffer (cuz you're gonna be a teacher, yet another dream accomplished.)


  2. Hi, LA! I tried to look at your blog all day yesterday, but everytime I come here my internet browser freezes up! So I'm on Jason's computer right now. :) Very cool book! That's awesome thet you're going to be teaching at your scrap store! I would totally take the class! Have fun!

  3. CONGRATS!!! I am super excited for you and your project is amazing! I would 100% take it, if I lived in the same province that is! What a gorgeous album, I love it! Make me one of those and I'll buy it from you. I'm n such a good mood today, I'm lovin it. Thanks for your e-mail!


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