this was when i was 19. i miss these friends. i miss those times. we live far apart now, but these photos feel like just yesterday. i love photobooths-they are my favorite type of photos. I drag everyone into them. Parents, Tyson, my dogs, aunties, old friends, new friends, sometimes just me. if i could afford it, i'd have one in my house. this was random, but its me. LA ps. i have a gallery now. check it out... click on "My Paintbox" on the right.


  1. I love photo booths too!!! So, you know, if you get one, have me over!! :) :) :)

  2. I used to go into photo booths all the time with friends too....but I have lost all the pictures of them :( you TOTALLY have to get a photo booth in your house!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yes..way cool!
    gosh, last year i found a strip of dh and i when we were in our teens, now those were a hoot to see!


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